Main advantages of acentas hardware

relieable radio transmission with big distance coverage
Patented technology BlueRobin™ with unique serial number identifier and packet collision avoidance.
Using an optimised frequency band instead of 2,4 GHz, where the human body resonates to the microwace oven principle and which is occupied by many other wireless systems like Bluetooth, WLAN, video and sensor networks.

easy handling
The USB receiver and the chest straps have ultra low power consumption, no separate power supply or charging unit is needed.

Usage of chest straps out of the box with a battery lifetime for more than two years (one hour a day) with the option to change the battery (CR2032) very easily.

Our product portfolio suits a wide range of applications for teams, groups and individuals

  • chest straps for average heart rate monitoring
  • chest straps that transmit heart rate variability
  • memory-equipped chest straps with average heart rate recording function
  • wide range / high capacity USB receiver boxes
  • short range USB receiver dongles
  • wrist units for each person and the team with coach functionality
  • heart rate monitoring software with user management
  • data sync software for data download from chest straps with memory or the wrist units

Notice for persons with pacemakers
Persons who have a pacemaker use the acentas heart rate monitoring system at their own risk. Before starting use we always recommend an exercise stress test under doctor’s supervision. The test is to ensure the safety and reliability of the simultaneous use of the pacemaker and the heart rate monitoring system.