Team system

acentas Team System

  • Team software
  • USB receiver
  • Chest straps
  • Sports back

Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Up to 40 users at the same time
  • Reliable real time data
  • Big distance coverage
  • Easy handling
  • Compatible with Firstbeat Sports
Our best-selling monitoring system supports up to 40 users in parallel. It can receive user data up to range of 400 meters.

Each athlete wears a digital chest strap. The elaborate data transmission technology ensures that interference from other users or other radio sources is minimal and that the data is received reliably.

The receiver box is connected to a standard PC via an USB port. The placement of the receiver box has an important influence on the receiving characteristics. The best results are generally achieved if the receiver and/or the antenna is placed in a high place and in the line-of-sight to the athletes.

Once installed, the coach can monitor all users in range of the receiver through the acentas HR monitoring software.


TeamLite USB receiver dongle

The USB receiver dongle is the low budget alternative to the USB receiver box. It is a good alternative when only small groups of athletes close to the receiver should be monitored.

The TeamLite USB receiver dongle can receive data from up to 10 users in parallel. It receives data up to a range of 20 meters.